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Three Phase Four Wire Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant High Efficiency Js3000 Model

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Three Phase Four Wire Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant High Efficiency Js3000 Model

Three Phase Four Wire Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant High Efficiency Js3000 Model
Three Phase Four Wire Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant High Efficiency Js3000 Model

Large Image :  Three Phase Four Wire Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant High Efficiency Js3000 Model

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Zhengzhou,China
Brand Name: Jinteng
Model Number: Js3000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: product specifications
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days

Three Phase Four Wire Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant High Efficiency Js3000 Model

Electrical Control Power: 380V Three-phase Four-wire Power Supply Voltage Tolerance: ±10%
Power Capacity: 100KVa Motor Surface Temperature: 60 ° C
Charged Portion: 0.5 MΩ Feature: High Efficiency
High Light:

mobile ready mix concrete plant


mobile concrete batching plant

js3000 main concrete mixing station


①, the configuration of js3000 main concrete mixing station

The js3000 main concrete mixing plant produced by Jinteng is a double shaft forced large mixer, which is generally used as a supporting host in large concrete mixing plant equipment. It is equipped with a single machine independent operation and a simple concrete mixing station with PLD series batching machine. It has powerful power and high production efficiency.

For all aspects of the mixer, Jinteng Company is equipped with a complete set of advanced design, production, processing, assembly and testing equipment. In the quality control of the equipment, the company fully implements the ISO9001 quality management and quality assurance series standards, and manufactures the products. Through the implementation of quality control throughout the process, every employee in the production line has undergone rigorous skills training; each processing and assembly process has strict scientific process specifications; each process has strict management procedures. While ensuring strict parts and components inspection and testing processes, the company pays more attention to the inspection and control . Through regular audit, diagnosis and assessment of the whole process quality, it ensures people, machines, materials, laws, The timeliness and effectiveness of the multi element input of the ring form an effective closed loop control system. A well equipped manufacturing team and a complete quality assurance system ensure the processing and assembly accuracy of the products, thus ensuring the stability and reliability .

JS3000 main concrete mixing station has a discharge of 3 cubic meters per time and a cycle time of 60S. It is a large scale concrete mixing machine that provides supporting mainframes for all kinds of large, medium and small prefabricated components factories ,roads and bridges, Large industrial and civil construction projects such as water conservancy and docks.

It is commonly used in mixing plants with single machine independent operation and concrete mixing station with PLD series batching machine. It is suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small prefabricated parts factories and large industrial and civil projects such as roads, bridges, water conservancy and docks Construction work.

It can be combined with a certain batching machine model to form a large scale commercial concrete mixing station and a double concrete mixing station, which has powerful power and high production efficiency.

It is a mandatory and high efficiency equipment. It can produce a variety of concretes such as plastic and dry hard concrete. It has high production efficiency, short mixing time and beautiful appearance. It is widely used in large and medium sized building construction, roads and bridges and prefabricated factories for producing concrete products. It is the ideal equipment for producing commercial concrete.


②, js3000 host concrete mixing plant product advantages

1. High quality, energy saving, waste eliminating, environmentally friendly, conceptual JS3000 main type mixing station, providing a strong guarantee for green high performance concrete production.

2. the use of closed green environmental sand and gravel weighing conveyor system, to a greater extent reduce noise pollution to the environment.

3. The negative pressure type bag pulse dust removal system is used to completely solve the problems of dust flying and environmental pollution in concrete production, effectively saving energy and protecting the environment.

4. Adopt wet concrete separation and recovery equipment, adopt a three dimensional arrangement to form a closed sewage treatment and sand and stone recycling system, so that all the pulp water and waste materials are recycled and reused to achieve zero discharge and reduce environmental pollution to a large extent. To save energy and reduce consumption, environmentally friendly and comfortable production.

5. using higher precision weighing system, weighing, control, signal conversion components selected brand, sensor, imported microcomputer control, a variety of materials individually weighed (or cumulative weighing), stable performance, accurate measurement. The screw conveyor specially designed for powder conveying, the blade with variable pitch design, with high conveying efficiency. Pneumatic butterfly valve, tightly sealed and reliable in action; water and liquid admixtures are coarse and precise weighing methods with high weighing accuracy.

6. Fully automatic microcomputer control system with high reliability, advanced industrial control computer + PLC + display instrument control mode, lower PLC performs signal sampling and output control, upper industrial computer displays dynamic production process and production management, instrument assists display of various scale ingredients data. It can realize fully automatic and manual control, simple operation, friendly interface, high reliability and flexible expansion. Proprietary weighing technology ensures the accuracy and reliability of the metering system, intuitive monitoring interface, clear and accurate simulation of on-site workflow, convenient calibration management, digital calibration technology, intuitive and simple through the calibration interface of the host computer Calibration weighing scale, automatic tracking of offset, compensation correction, online modification of ingredient data, real time correction of water ratio, real time alarm of system fault, prompt, production data management, creation of database, query and statistics at any time, report printing management, real-time Print as cans, when the car report or query, statistical production data report, powder bin material management, automatically calculate the powder consumption of each powder bin, display the current powder bin material level in real time, using well known French Schneider low voltage control components, optional Network expansion system to achieve production management resource sharing and remote monitoring, equipment maintenance.


③, js3000 host concrete mixing plant product details

1. Stirring shaft

Forged from alloy steel with torsion and flexural strength.

2. transmission

Driven by two planetary gear reducers, the design is compact, with smooth transmission, low noise and long service life.

3. shaft end seal

The combination of a double floating oil seal ring and a special seal combined with high pressure grease extends the life of the shaft end seal.

4. automatic grease lubrication

All lubrication points are lubricated by the electric grease pump through a progressive distributor. High grease pressure, high viscosity, and low fuel consumption reduce the pollution of concrete to concrete.

5. the stirring device

The axial and radial directions of the mixing arm are streamlined. During the mixing process, not only the radial cutting effect is generated on the material, but also the axial pushing effect is more effective, so that the material agitation is more intense, and the concrete is in a homogeneous state in a short time, and The design of the mixing device is special, which improves the utilization rate of cement.

6. hydraulic discharge device

It avoids the phenomenon that the unloading door can not be opened due to insufficient air pressure, and the "half open" angle can be adjusted arbitrarily. The manual door opening device can be set. In the emergency state, the manual unloading handle can be used to open the unloading material Door.


④, the composition system of the js3000 main concrete mixing station

1. Mixing system

The stirring system is composed of an electric motor, a pulley, a speed reducer, an open gear, a stirring drum stirring device, an oil supply device and the like.

The motor is directly connected to the cycloidal pin reducer, and the two output shafts of the reducer respectively drive the two horizontally arranged stirring shafts to reverse the constant speed rotation through the two pairs of open gears.

The arc portion of the mixing drum is welded, and the mixing drum is provided with five kinds of lining plates, which are fastened by the countersunk screws and the cylinder body.

The four viewing covers on the mixing drum can be pushed out opposite each other after being opened 90°.

2. Feeding system

The feeding system is composed of a hoisting mechanism, a feeding dragon frame, a hopper, a feeding nozzle and the like.

The brake motor drives the reel through the reducer, and the wire rope climbs up along the loading rack rail through the pulley pulling hopper. When climbing to a certain height, a pair of rollers on the bottom door of the hopper enters the water rail of the loading rack, and the bucket door automatically opens. The material is fed into the mixing drum through the feed nozzle. To ensure that the hopper is in place, install a limit switch on the loading rack. The upper limit has two limit switches for the hopper lifting limit and safety protection. The lower limit has only one limit switch. When the hopper descends to the bottom of the pit, the wire rope is slightly loose, the strong spring lever mechanism makes the lower limit move, and the hoisting mechanism automatically stops. The lower limit position and the spring lever mechanism are mounted on the top of the upper rail. The upper part of the loading rack is foldable. Bolted and folded during transport to reduce transport height.

The brake motor ensures that the hopper can be stopped at any position when it is running at full load. The braking torque is adjusted by the large nut of the rear seat of the motor.

3. Water supply system

The water supply system consists of a water pump, a throttle valve, a cleaning device, and a shower device.

The flow rate of the water can be adjusted by driving the throttle valve through the cylinder, and the total amount of surface water supply is adjusted by the electronic scale.

4. Unloading system

The unloading system consists of a discharge door, a gas pump, a reversing valve, a gas distribution valve, a cylinder, and an electric mechanism.

The discharge door is installed at the bottom of the mixer and is pneumatically discharged through the cylinder. And the opening and closing position of the discharge door, the sealing of the discharge door can be ensured by adjusting the position of the sealing strip. The JS3000 unloading manual operating lever is used for emergency unloading and cylinder unloading during temporary power failure. It should be removed in order to prevent injury.

5. Electrical system

The electric control circuit is equipped with an air switch, a fuse, and a thermal relay, and has the functions of short circuit protection and overload protection. All control buttons and air switch handles and indicators are placed on the distribution box door with a door lock. A protective cover is placed outside the button.

The electrical components in the distribution box are mounted on a single edge plate, which is safe and reliable, and easy to operate and maintain.

The electrical control power supply is a 380V three-phase four-wire power supply with a voltage tolerance of ±10%, otherwise it is forbidden to use. If the user has their own power generation, the capacity should be 100KVa. The surface temperature of the motor is raised by 60 ° C, and the charged portion is 0.5 MΩ to the edge of the casing.

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